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Dr. Ramona Samba

+49 7121 51530 855

Brain Slice on a MEA

Microelectrode Arrays

Our passion. With more than 20 years of engineering and production experience we produce application- and customer-specific Microelectrode Arrays (MEA) for neuroscience and cardiovascular research, neurotechnology, drug testing, and electrochemical analysis. The biological applications place high demands on the materials and production processes used. In more than 500 laboratories worldwide our MEAs are routinely used as the standard tool for extracellular electrophysiological investigations in cell and tissue culture.

In our ISO 9001:2015 certified cleanroom facility we produce microelectrode arrays on glass and flexible polyimide substrates with up to 1,024 microelectrodes. MEAs for a multitude of electrophysiological applications are sold worldwide exclusively by MCS Multi Channel Systems.

    Your benefit:
  • Customized designs on glass and polyimide for electrophysiology and electrochemical sensor applications,
  • Highest-quality arrays with surfaces and electrodes applied and validated by hundreds of scientists,
  • Short time-to-application by routine fabrication of small batches of tailored designs,
  • Assured delivery of arrays at constant quality in lot sizes matching your needs.
Microelectrode arrays for extracellular electrophysiology

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Our MEA-based applications and CRO testing services


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