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NMI-TT Contact Person

Dr. Claus Burhardt

+49 7121 51530 55

Wafer processing of cantilver-based SNOM probes

Cantilever-based NSOM/SNOM probes

We produce cantilever-based probes for near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM, also known as SNOM) with customized aperture size. The solid silicon tip of AFM cantilevers is replaced by a hollow pyramid with an aperture size which can be adapted to meet application specific demands. The most commonly used sizes are 50 nm and 100 nm. Compared to fiber-based NSOM probes, the cantilever-based probes show much higher light transmission, up to a factor of 100 and puts the user in a position to probe the topography of surfaces with a resolution comparable to standard AFM.

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Schaefer Group

A.P.E. Research

Mr. Suresh Babu
Phone: +91 (0)9343002868
Fax: +91 (0)9743232324


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