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NMI-TT Contact Person

Dr. Anne Zeck

+49 7121 51530 811

MS-based Protein Analytics for Biologicals

Our testing lab conducts analytical test studies based on mass spectrometry, for pharma companies engaged in the development of biologicals.

    Our analyses:
  • Identity and integrity
  • Protein quantification
  • Determination of glycosylation pattern
  • Characterisation of microheterogeneity
  • Sequence variant analysis (SVA)
  • Confirmation of primary amino acid sequence
  • Stress studies, forced degradation
  • Developability assessment

    Our equipment:
  • maXis ESI-UHRTOF-MSMS system
  • QExactive Orbitrap (Thermo)
  • MALDI-TOF-MSMS Ultraflex II (Bruker)
  • Triple Quadrupol systems (QuattroMicro, Waters/API 3000, ABSciex)


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