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Immuno-Oncology Services


NMI-TT Contact Person

Dr. Christian Schmees

+49 7121 51530 881

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Primary 3D Microtumour / T Cell Co-Cultures

Based on a panel of patient-derived micro-tumours and PBMCs, we have established an advanced and versatile platform of CRO services for tumour immunology research and immuno-oncology (IO) drug development.

    We offer:
  • Cell-based service studies with dozens of patient-derived micro-tumour models and matching PBMCs
  • Co-culture assays of micro-tumours with immune cells (e.g., PBMCs, antigen-specific T cells) and/or compounds
  • Performance of homogenous reader-based assays as well as high-content microscopy assays
  • Quantification of cytotoxicity induced by immune cells (e.g. antigen-specific T cells) alone and in combination with investigational compounds
  • Live-cell confocal 3D analysis of micro-tumour infiltration by T lymphocytes


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