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Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rothbauer

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Off-the-shelf Chromobody® Cell Lines

Lentiviral Actin-Chromobody® cell lines

Cytoskeletal stess fibers in living cells with the Actin-Chromobody®. in untreated (left) vs TGF-β treated A549 cells (right). Scale bar: 50µm

Lentiviral Vimentin-Chromobody® cell lines

Vimentin-Chromobody® in MDCK (left) and HeLa cells (right)

Lentiviral Lamin-Chromobody® cell lines

Nuclear morphology in HeLa cells with the Lamin-Chromobody®

Lentiviral beta-Catenin Chromobody® cell lines

Nuclear translocation assay with β-catenin chromobodies. Time lapse analysis of (from above) untreated cells and upon addition of GSK3β inhibitor, 20 mM LiCl, and 100 nM LiCl.

Lentiviral Cell Cycle Chromobody® cell lines

Detecting the full cell cycle in living cells via the Cell Cycle Chromobody®


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