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Custom Cell Services


NMI-TT Contact Person

Dr. Frank Weise

+49 7121 51530 56

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NMI TT Ion Channel Services

Stable Target-Expressing Cell Lines

We offer target and biomarker screening services for industry and academics providing you with cell lines expressing your target gene of choice. So far, we have generated

  • 250 cDNA expression vectors,
  • 850 stable recombinant cell lines for the expression of
  • 200 targets, using
  • 150 maternal cell lines or primary cells.
  • Custom cell models using CRISPR/Cas9.

Target validation

    We support your target validation by:
  • Cloning your gene of interest into a suitable expression vector
  • Selection of promoters of different strengths
  • Lentiviral transduction of a cell line / primary cell type of your choice
  • Selection of stable recombinant cell lines (polyclonal or monoclonal), validated by gene expression analysis at the mRNA / protein level
  • Characterisation with respect to target protein localisation by immunofluorescence microscopy or FACS analysis
  • Full range of functional characterisations (e.g. cell proliferation, induction of apoptosis, metabolism; please inquire for further assays)

High-content analysis of cellular phenotypes
Combine the Chromobody® technology with your gene of interest!

  • Double expression of your target gene and of an indicative Chromobody┬« in a single cell line
  • High-content analysis for monitoring cell cycle progression, nuclear morphology, cytoskeletal integrity
For further information and pricing please contact
Dr. Frank Weise.


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