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NMI-TT Contact Person

Dr. Timm Danker

+49 7121 51530 896

Ion Channel Drug Discovery

State-of-the-art electrophysiology for screening and profiling of your ion channel compounds

  • Manual patch clamp in cell lines, native cells and tissues
  • Automated patch clamp in cell lines
  • Automated oocyte recording for compound screening and structure-based drug design
  • Microelectrode arrays (MEAs) as ex vivo test systems
    Fields of Indications:
  • Heart
  • CNS
  • Pain
  • Diabetes
    Ion channel cell lines:
  • Cav1.2 (new cell line)
  • complete CIPA cardiac panel
  • hERG
  • Kv1.1
  • KV1.3
  • Kv1.5
  • Kv2.1
  • Kv4.3
  • Kir2.1
  • NaV1.4
  • NaV1.5
  • NaV1.7
  • cardiomyocytes
  • More than 20 years experience in electrophysiology, neurobiology and  physiology of organ systems
  • Expertise in the development of proprietory electrophysiological platforms
  • Long-standing expertise in automation of data analysis and handling
  • Validated standard assays
  • Customer-tailored assay development, data analysis and interpretation

We provide expertise beyond reports
to accelerate your decision making!


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