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Protein Profiling


NMI-TT Contact Person

Dr. Christoph Sachse

+49 173 751 0585

ELISAs and Western Blots

Beside the more sophisticated protein profiling technologies we have specialized in, we routinely conduct service studies based on ELISA and classical Western blotting.

Especially for those of our pharma clients that have a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with us, this is a very efficient way of extending their own work benches by sending standard work packages our way.

    We offer:
  • ELISA studies relying on a wide range of established assays (e.g, cytokines) as well as commercially available kits, for non-clincial and clinical samples
  • Western blot studies, using antibodies from our extensive lists of pre-validated antibodies, for cell or tissue samples of human, mouse, rat, dog, minipig or cynomolgus origin (see DigiWest Case Study 4)
Please email us to let us know more about your needs.


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