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Protein Profiling


NMI-TT Contact Person

Dr. Markus Templin

+49 7121 51530 828

ProteinSimple Profiling

Advanced platforms like DigiWest (for detecting hundreds of analytes in dozens of samples) or RPPA (for detecting hundreds of analytes in hundreds of samples) are inevitably not ideal for certain relatively common study specifications, for example in the "2-15 analytes in 2-40 samples" range.

This gap is filled by ProteinSimple's Simple Western technology, a capillary electroporesis platform that we have now established in our labs, to offer our clients even more flexibility in chosing the right assays for their protein profiling studies.

Benefiting from our extensive panel of pre-validated antibodies, we can offer fully customizable Simple Western studies.

Please email us for details.


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