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Protein Profiling


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Dr. Jens Göpfert

+49 7121 51530 471

Simoa Ultra-Sensitive Protein Profiling Services

Based on a facility with two Quanterix Simoa HD-1 Analyzers and our long-standing experience with this technology, we offer development, validation and screening of Simoa assays in pre-clinical and clinical samples. Our QM system is ISO 170252 compatible.

Please email us for more information about our Simoa services.

New! Check out our recent publication on development and validation of an ultra-sensitive procalcitonin biomarker assay.

The Quanterix Simoa ("single molecule array") technology represents the method of choice for all protein profiling applications that require ultra-sensitive detection, due to low abundance of the proteins of interest and/or in case of precious limited samples.

The Simoa platform is based on the isolation of individual immuno-complexes via paramagnetic beads, but otherwise on standard ELISA reagents. By then measuring in femtoliter-sized wells yields a digital readout on the individual bead level, thus increasing the sensitivity of Simoa assays typically by a factor of 100 to 1,000 as compared to conventional assays. At the same time, even multiplexing of up to 10 analytes is feasible.


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