ZeptoCHIP for RPPA

NMI TT is your partner for the ZeptoCHIP production and supply for the global RPPA Reverse Phase Protein Array community (please see our Press Release).

ZeptoCHIPs are produced in our in-house cleanroom facility and can now be ordered directly from us.

Please contact us by email to get more information, to discuss your needs or to place your ZeptoCHIP order.


ZeptoCHIPs are based on the Zeptosens planar waveguide technology first published for protein microarrays by Pawlak et al. 2002. Dr. Michael Pawlak, co-founder of Zeptosens, has implemented this technology at NMI TT in 2004, and since then successfully applied and further developed it as part of our RPPA protein profiling services. Meanwhile we perform our fee-for-service RPPA studies not only for pre-clinical drug development, but also with clinical samples.

In 2017, we built up the necessary ZeptoCHIP production facilities, to generate a continuous supply for the global Zeptosens RPPA user community, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the technology and our long-standing track record in high-quality production of microelectrode arrays (MEAs).


Our ZeptoCHIP-based RPPA multiplex protein profiling services