Areas of electrophysiology we work in

Take a look at which areas we work in and find out if this is what you are looking for. Contact us for more information.


  • Drug Development Support
  • Basic Research
  • Assay Development
  • Cell Line Development

Drug development support

We are here to support your research at different steps on the way from the secondary screen to "close to in vivo". Offered services include gold standard techniques, as well as FDA-approved methods. Get in touch with us and let's find the right solution together.

Studies include:

  • Compound Mode of Action Studies (MoA)
  • Lead Identification
  • Lead Optimization Support
  • Safety/Tox Studies


Electrophysiology Services for Drug Development


Basic research

Satisfying the curious minds, discovering new facts, gaining deep understanding. Nothing is more exciting than that. We are happy to support you with our knowledge. Send us a message and let's plan some real science.

Assay development

You have a great idea and the will to achieve a certain aim but no assay exists which would give you a straight forward result - get in touch with us and let's develop a new one together!

Development of ion channel cell lines

Searching for the right cell line can be disappointing. Developing your own one is way more thrilling. Tell us about your wishes, we have experienced people in the house! As well as the CRISPR license in place for industrial business.