Turn your

prototype into

serial production.

Develop­ment and Manufactu­ring of Your Bioelectrical System 

Do you aim to transfer your bioelectrical system prototype into serial production, and you are looking to outsource the work? Are you dedicated to bring your product to the market, leave the production to somebody else, and focus on your customers?

Leave the complexity of product development and serial production to us, save time and financial resources, and focus on your next goal.


Do you want to turn your prototype into a high-quality, market-ready product that will successfully compete on the market? You set the prototype; we do the work!


You will get support with consultancy, development, manufacturing, and testing of bioelectrical systems for research and diagnostic purposes, as well as implants. Production can start already with single pieces.

Your benefit

You will benefit from our vast experience with biomaterials and life science research. Your advantage is our in-depth knowledge about microtechnology with a focus on biocompatible, advanced materials.


About Us

Collaboration with NMI

NMI TT Microdevices is a subsidiary of NMI Natural and Medical Sciences Institute at the University of Tübingen. Working closely together merges best research practices with an experienced production site and testing unit.

Our Values

We aim to deliver strong technological support with attention to detail and based on long-time expertise. We like to approach our clients personally to deliver the best fitting results. Our innovative minds and certified quality (ISO 9001:2015) is the way to outstanding results.

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Multichannel Systems (MCS)

Karl-Heinz Boven, founder of MCS: “We are extremely happy with our long-standing partnership! Great people, experienced staff, outstanding outcome. With NMI TT, we can offer high-quality MEAs in our product portfolio.”

IMS Chips

Christine Harendt, PhD, Head of Semiconductor Integration: "We are very satisfied with the unique and high quality service that complements our own supply chain. Together we are stronger!"


Oliver Graudejus, PhD, Founder, and CEO: "BMSEED is very happy with the quality of the products, the professional staff, and the timeliness of the correspondences. We are looking forward to continuing working together."


Dominik Kaltenbacher, PhD, Founder, and CEO: “NMI TT delivered key components for connecting and packaging of personalized miniaturized medical devices in our study. Their capability to quickly adapt design changes matched our ambitious schedule.”


Alfred Stett, PhD, CEO (former CTO of Retina Implant AG): “NMI TT offers the rare combination of high quality in production processes while staying flexible for extraordinary solutions. Highly Recommended!”