Our proprietary Cav1.2 Cell Line

Host cell: CHO-K1
Platforms: Fluorescence, QPatch
Tested reference inhibitors: Nifedipine, Verapamil, Isradipine
Tested reference activators: FPL64176


Cav1.2 cell line is available in two variations - ready-to-use cell line (a vial of the cell line that cannot be cultivated, but the cells are viable directly after thawing) or cultivatable cell line.

Please, contact us to purchase the cultivatable cell line. To purchase the ready-to-use vials, you can contact us or our collaborator acCELLerate directly.  


About Cav1.2 Ion Channels

Cav1.2 ion channels are expressed in heart, smooth muscle, and neurons, and therefore are therapeutic targets in cardiac arrhythmia and hypertension. Due to their key role in shaping the cardiac action potential, they are part of the CiPA-compliant panel of the human ion channel to be tested for cardiac safety.


Key features of our Cav1.2 cell line:

  • Stable expression of all three subunits of the native Cav1.2 channel (α1c/β2/α2δ)
  • High success rates and reliable performance in automated patch clamp assays
  • Run-down free recordings
  • Inducible system: easy to maintain in cell culture, adjustable expression level

Other Ion Channel Cell Lines

Together with our partner, Steinbeis-Innovationszentrum Zellkulturtechnik, we develop ion channel cell lines based on the proprietary IGAMI technology.

The IGAMI inducible expression device combines two inducible expression systems in one cell. The expression of two different genes of interests can be controlled by different specific antibodies. After induction, the respective transactivator induces the expression of a gene of interests as well as its own expression.

This technique has been shown to be an excellent choice for the development of cell lines for difficult targets in ion channel screening.

Our cell lines are optimized for automated patch clamp platforms, like Sophions Qpatch.

List of IGAMI ion channel cell lines:

  • CaV1.2 cell line
  • nACHR alpha7 cell line
  • hNCX1
  • hKV4.3


Please contact us if you are interested in customized ion channel cell line development.