Electrophysiology target systems expertise

At NMI TT Pharmaservices, we have long-standing expertise in different fields of electrophysiology. We have performed studies on different target systems.

Available models (see below for more information or get in contact with us):

  • heart (cardiac safety studies);
  • brain (neurobiology/neurotox studies);
  • eye (retina studies);
  • others (ask us about the model of interest).


Heart (cardiac safety studies)

Get classic and modern approaches to cardiac safety studies:

  • Standard FDA guideline S7B compliant hERG screening,
  • Cardiac ion channels,
  • hiPSC cardiomyocyte studies,
  • latest CiPA proposals.

The proarrhythmic liability of your compounds is assessed using patch clamp (manual or automated), MEA, and live cell imaging.

NMI is the only EU core site of CiPA services. All the services are supported by a scientific consultancy based on more than 15 years of experience.

Types of instantly available ion channels:

  • hERG
  • CaV1.2
  • Nav1.5
  • Kir2.1
  • KvLQT1/mink
  • Kv4.3
  • Kv1.5


Ask us in case of other ion channels of interest.

hERG assay service

Our manual and automated patch clamp assays reveal interactions of compounds with cardiac hERG channels.

  • hERG currents are recorded from stably transfected CHO cells
  • Protocols are available for single-dose testing and dose-response curves
  • Throughput according to our customers needs from one compound to "HTS" screening


Quinidine and Flecainide effect on hERG channel currents in CHO cells
Quinidine and Flecainide effect on hERG channel currents in CHO cells


Brain (neurobiology)

Neurotoxicity assessment and mechanism of action studies:

  • hiPSC neurons,
  • hiPSC neurons in combination with astrocytes.


Analyses are performed using MEA (incl. long term recordings) and live cell imaging. Get in contact with us to get personalized service.

Eye (retina studies)

More content coming soon.  In case of interest, please, contact us.