MEA-based Services

In addition to classical electrophysiological methodology we are offering ex vivo test systems based on Microelectrode Array (MEA) recordings in order to analyze complex drug effects on ion channel interactions and cell signalling in

  • Cellular networks including stem-cell derived approaches

  • Tissue slices

  • Isolated organs


With our more than 20 years expertise in the production of MEAs (see NMI TT Microdevices) we are experts in the development and application of MEA-based drug screening approaches. Currently available for routine screening:

Cardiosensor: to test for drug effects on cardiac function, including QT-interval prolongation and arrhythmia in vitro

Beta-cell screen: to test for drug effects on beta cell function in a Langerhans islet preparation

Application protocols: find here a continuously growing collection of protocols for the MEA systems available at NMI TT