Our Products: Modified Luminex Beads

As a Luminex® partner, we offer ready-to-use modified MagPlex® microspheres for Luminex® assays. These can be used for protein studies for a variety of applications:

  • High-throughput screening of antibodies and antigens
  • Serology assays
  • Biomarker assays
  • Protein-protein interaction studies

Immunoassays are our expertise

NMI TT Pharmaservices has a long-standing track record in immuno-assays and immobilization strategies using several alternative surface chemistries (e.g. amine, maleimide or hydrazide chemistry). Also, we have accumulated specialist expertise in the development of high-quality Luminex® immuno-assays for different analytes. 

High quality and reproducibility

Our coupling process in 96-well format, together with rigid quality control, ensure that we provide our customers with products of the highest quality and reproducibility.

As a standard, we ship 10 million beads per 1 mL, for one bead identity in a set of at least four bead identities. However, custom formulations are available upon request.

Streptavidin and neutravidin beads

MagPlex® beads coated with avidin (streptavidin or neutravidin) can be used for immobilization of biotinylated proteins, antibodies or peptides. As our modified MagPlex® microspheres are compatible with all Luminex® xMAP instruments, they can be used for a multitude of biological assays. For example, our neutravidin microspheres are the basis of our multiplex protein profiling technology DigiWest.

Custom bead coupling services

We also offer tailored coupling of MagPlex® beads according to your needs, with your desired bead identities or capture reagents, and functionalized with your own antibodies, proteins or peptides. All our modified microsphere products are quality-tested for their coupling and delivered ready-to-use for your Luminex® assays.