Automated Oocyte Recording

Automated Xenopus oocyte assays, implemented on the Roboocyte™ platform, offer high quality voltage clamp electrophysiology for drug screening and compound profiling on ion channel targets.

  • The Roboocyte™ provides flexible assays with short development time for drug screening and compound profiling.

  • We offer a broad range of ion channels, including hERG, SCN5A, P2X, GABA-A, and many potassium channels as well as customer specific solutions.

  • Several fully automated Roboocyte™ units are available, all equipped with liquid handling robots.

Standard assays

These assays are routinely available and can be started at any time. They generally test for potency of compounds in blocking or modulating the target ion channel. Using one oocyte per data point and sufficient compound incubation time, high data quality is guaranteed. Dose response curves are carried out by testing each data point on an individual oocyte.

  • Customer-specific solutions for ion channels and transporters that are difficult to express in mammalian cell lines

  • Support of structure-based drug design

  • Analysis of ion channels with mutations in relevant binding regions to study drug binding behavior