Simoa® Protein Assay Services

Based on a facility with two Quanterix Simoa® HD-1 Analyzers and our long-standing experience with this technology, we offer development, validation and screening of uniquely ultra-sensitive Simoa® biomarker assays, from pre-clinical samples, or, applying GCP standards, also from clinical samples.

Please email us for more information about our Simoa® services. We can work with whatever kits are commercially available, or develop your custom assays using our homebrew capabilities.

New! Check out our recent publications on development and validation of ultra-sensitive assays for procalcitonin and VEGF-A.

About Simoa®

The Quanterix Simoa® ("single molecule array") technology represents the method of choice for all protein profiling applications that require ultra-sensitive detection, due to low abundance of the proteins of interest and/or in case of precious limited samples.

The Simoa® platform is based on the isolation of individual immuno-complexes via paramagnetic beads, but otherwise on standard ELISA reagents. By then measuring in femtoliter-sized wells yields a digital readout on the individual bead level, thus increasing the sensitivity of Simoa assays typically by a factor of 100 to 1,000 as compared to conventional assays. At the same time, even multiplexing of up to 10 analytes is feasible.

Sample data

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