DigiWest® in DKFZ publication on MEK inhibitors

| New Publication

We are delighted to see that our collaborative study with Dr. Tianzuo Zhan from Dr. Michael Boutros' group at the DKFZ has culminated in an exciting publication in Nature Communication. Being impressed ourselves with the diligence and depth of the data accumulated, we are aware that our own part represents just a humble contribution to this big story. However, our piece to the puzzle has been an important one, and it proves yet again how much value our DigiWest protein profiling approach can add to studies on compound modes of action, by identifying so far unknown players and providing detailed mechanistic insights.

And the DKFZ story is truly fascinating: MEK inhibitors were shown to trigger Wnt signaling and to inadvertently induce stem cell plasticity. Which is a yet unknown side effect of MEK inhibitors that could be of major clinical relevance, as such accumulation of tumor cells with stem cell characteristics might lead to therapy resistance. Have a look at the article.

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