Protein Assays for Compound MoA Studies

A deep understanding of a compound’s mode of action (MoA) is crucial for the development of any medicine. Analyzing a broad range of total and phospho proteins will provide protein signatures that help you understand therapeutic action and that may point to side effects.

Comprehensive protein profiling for deeper insights

Our extensive antibody lists for DigiWest and RPPA cover multiple cell signaling pathways, therefore facilitating mechanistic compound profiling and pathway mapping. Our pathway activity panels allow you a simplified selection of analytes relevant for your study. Choose below to discover more.

We serve all stages of drug development

We offer protein profiling services for different stages of drug development. The services vary from high-content protein profiling, high-throughput protein profiling, ultra-sensitive protein profiling, etc. For protein profiling in clinical studies, we offer services under GCP-like conditions.

Other applications

Feel free to contact us at any point. We can help you find the right services for your needs.