Protein Assays for In-vivo Pharmacology

Understanding the biological effects of drugs warrants in-vivo studies. Every sample in those studies is precious and therefore, it is extremely important to get the most information out of it. We offer multiplexed protein assays to do so.

Multiplexing to understand your in-vivo samples better

Multiplex marker assays from animal samples can be run based on DigiWest, RPPA or Luminex technology. Choose between the methods to discover more. In case you have a question, contact us directly. We can advise you on first-hand.

We serve all stages of drug development

We offer protein profiling services for different stages of drug development. The services vary from high-content protein profiling, high-throughput protein profiling, ultra-sensitive protein profiling, etc. For protein profiling in clinical studies, we offer services under GCP-like conditions.

Other applications

Feel free to contact us at any point. We can help you find the right services for your needs.