Which Protein Profiling Platform is Best?

There is no “one-fits-all”, as all protein profiling technologies come with their own specific pros and cons. Having accumulated years of expertise in the field, we do know a lot about this, such that we can assist you with our advise to pick the platform that is best for your needs. Identifying the most appropriate technology is a crucial decision leading to a successful research project.

Below is an overview of a few key aspects to consider when deciding on the right method.

Choose by application

Over the past >20 years we have been designing and conducting numerous protein profiling studies at all stages of the drug discovery process. Therefore, we can offer strong technical, strategic and scientific support that will help you successfully advance your projects.

Choose by other factors

Number of analytes: Some platforms are limited to analyzing just a few analytes, while other methods offer more scalable studies. Please see the table below for summary.

Nature of analytes: Luminex is focused on total proteins, whereas the strength of DigiWest and RPPA lies in our ability to profile total and phospho proteins (and other PTMs), with long lists of pre-validated antibodies being available. Luminex or Simoa are ideal for cytokine assays, while our cross-species TXP assays are focused on CYP enyzmes, drug transporters, as well as DILI and DIKI markers. And our pre-defined assay lists are not limiting, as we have a strong expertise in validating new antibodies and developing new assays.

Number or nature of samples: Depending on how many samples and what type of samples you want to test, some methods are best for 4-80 samples, whereas other platforms offer more scalable studies. Similarly, some of the methods can just operate with cell culture or tissue samples, while others are also for plasma/serum, urine, and CSF. Look at the table below to spot the differences.

Sensitivity: Some studies require ultra-sensitive methods; depending on your needs we can find the best service for you. Scroll further down and choose the service of interest to learn more.

If you need help with your decision, fill out our contact form or write us an email. We will soon get back to you and help you identify the best approach.

Our protein profiling services

We offer a wide portfolio of services for protein profiling. There is no one-fit-all service, so we provide various alternatives as detailed below. Our portfolio includes validated ready-to-go offerings as well as highly customized services. Project scopes vary from assay development and validation studies to routine screening. The wide spectrum of services means more possibilities for you and a higher chance that we find the perfect solution for your particular study.

If you need additional information, want to discuss your research project, or need our help with the decision which platform is most appropriate for your needs, fill out our contact form. We will soon get back to you.

Our products

We offer modified Luminex beads for those who want to perform custom Luminex assays in-house. Please click below for more detailed product information.