Which Protein Profiling Platform is Best?

There is no one-fits-all, as all protein profiling technologies come with their pros and cons. With years of expertise in the field, we do know a lot about this, such that we can assist you with our advise to pick the platform that is best for your needs. Below is an overview of a few key aspects to consider.

Choose by application

  • Biomarker discovery: DigiWest enables analyses of up to 800 total & phospho protein analytes, thus being a great technology for biomarker discovery on the protein level.
  • Biomarker screening: Both Luminex and RPPA allow for scalable throughput, so both are ideal for screening studies (see nature of samples and analytes for differences).
  • Compound mode-of-action studies: Our extensive antibody lists for DigiWest and RPPA cover multiple cell signalling pathways, therefore facilitating compound profiling and pathway mapping as well as PK/PD marker studies.
  • In vivo pharmacology: Multiplex marker assays can be run based on DigiWest, RPPA & Luminex technology (see nature and number of analytes for differences).
  • Pre-clinical safety/tox: Luminex or Simoa are ideal for cytokine assays, while our cross-species TXP assays are focused on CYP enyzmes, drug transporters, as well as DILI and DIKI markers.
  • Clinicial studies: If needed, we can conduct RPPA and Simoa profiling studies under GCP-like conditions. We have been successfully audited by two top10 pharmas and one top10 clinical CRO.
  • Assay development: Building on over a decade of experience in multiplex immuno-assays, we offer development and validation of new assays for all above-mentioned application fields.

Choose by analytes

  • Number of analytes: Western, ProteinSimple, ELISA, Simoa are limited to a few analytes, Luminex panels go up to 50 analytes, RPPA studies are with up to 400 analytes, and DigiWest for up to 800 protein analytes per sample.
  • Nature of analytes: Luminex is focused on total proteins, whereas the strength of DigiWest and RPPA lies in our ability to profile 10s to 100s of total and phospho proteins (and other PTMs), with long lists of pre-validated antibodies being available. And our pre-defined assay lists are not limiting, as we have strong expertise in developing and validating new assays/antibodies. This is also true for Luminex and Simoa, where commercially available assays and panels are nicely complemented by our assay development capabilities.

Choose by samples

  • Number of samples: Western, ProteinSimple and DigiWest are usually limited to a range between 4 and 80 samples (although this has to be discussed on a case-by-case basis), whereas Luminex, Simoa, TXP and RPPA assays are well scalable to higher throughput of hundreds of samples.
  • Nature of samples: DigiWest and RPPA are for 2D/3D cells, xenografts and tissues (fresh-frozen and even FFPE); they do not work with plasma/serum (but with platelets). Luminex, Simoa, ELISA and TXP, on the other hand, are perfectly suitable for plasma/serum, urine and CSF.

Choose by sensitivity

  • Luminex, ProteinSimple, Western, RPPA, DigiWest come with comparable sensitivities.
  • Depending on the analyte, ELISAs normally give a 10-fold boost in sensitivity.
  • Simoa assays usually yield sensitivities that are 100- to 1,000-fold higher than standard assays and are the method of choice whenever extra sensitivity is critical.


Please email us to get in contact. Once we know more about your needs, we will help you identifying the most suitable technology and planning the most appropriate study design.